Aug 08

Are cheap caravan holidays the way to go?

With many families on tight budgets these days there is more and more pressure to find a cheap family holiday.

We have found a number of alternatives that should ensure you can have a great family holiday without breaking the bank.

Out Top 3 cheap holidays

  1. Caravan holidays – there are many caravan holiday park operators in the UK and most of these operators will have last minute details or special offers. Just watch out for number of days included, arrival date and extras that may be charged. You can find many cheap caravan holidays without too much searching – www.greatcaravanholidays.co.uk has some great last minute caravan holiday deals.
  2. “Staycation” – one option is to just stay at home and treat each day as a holiday by visiting local places. This way you know the area and can save a fortune on accommodation and meal costs. This site has some good ideas on what to do on your staycation.
  3. Camping – a long time cheap holiday favourite, camping offers an excellent per person per night rate. There are many great sites around the country to choose from. The downside is you normally (a) have to have the camping equipment and (b) take it with you!