Oct 17

Top 10 Autumn sunshine destinations

SardiniaIt’s not too late in Autumn  to take a break and get away for a final bit of sunshine and you don’t even have to travel to far! There are certainly advantages to going on holiday in Autumn. For a start, the tourist crowds will have thinned and you will find plenty of space on the beaches. Temperatures are also more comfortable in Autumn, particularly at midday. Finally, and probably most important, travel and accommodation prices start to drop as the days get shorter.

Here is our Top 10 Autumn getaway list:


  1. Sardinia, Italy
  2. Andalucia, Spain
  3. Cyprus
  4. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  5. Dahab, Egypt
  6. Lanzarote, Canary Islands
  7. Kas, Turkey
  8. Saint-Tropez, France
  9. Rhodes, Greece
  10. Île de Ré, France